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In Kurulus Osman Episode 91, Osman departed with his sons Orhan and Aladdin and showed them Inegol palace. Osman said that they would make Inegol as their property first and then Bursa. Osman then arrived with his sons to the secret center of missions. Osman had a look around all the preparations. Nikola had a word with Simon and ordered him to not reveal to anyone the route of the troop.

Basileus arrived at the palace and invited all the leaders to his step daughter’s wedding. Nikola said that he is in the making to murder Osman and his whole family at this wedding. Orhan and Aladdin started hunting by the river. Orhan soon saw a girl running from the cage and saved her from the Byzantine soldiers. Osman jumped on the fleet heading to Inegol and seized the war weapons there. Nikola became very mad at this news and started talking to Arius.

Arius said that soon he would smash the Turks and that Barkin would be governor of Sogut. Kosses was having dinner with Justinyanus and he told him to not attend his wedding. Kosses realized something was wrong. Osman came back to the tribe and found out that the girl that Orhan brought with him to the tribe was Holofira. Kosses quickly arrived at the tribe that night and  met with Osman and informed him that the Lords would kill him during the wedding.

Osman organized a plan and said that the women of the tribe would conquer the palace. The next day, Basileus arrived at the tribe along with his soldiers and asked Osman for his step daughter. Osman handed over Holofira to her step father and said that he will also attend  the wedding. Barkin began to work hiddenly both to capture Sogut and to find out the location of deposits of the iron from the mine.

Arius made a plan to kidnap Osman’s son and started to secretly wait for Orhan and Aladdin in the woods. Osman halted the Byzantine soldiers attacking Kosses. Arius soon grabbed Osman’s sons and took them to the Inegol palace. Malhun said she would rescue her children no matter what and head towards the Inegil castle with soldiers.

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