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In Kurulus Osman Episode 85, When Osman was chasing after Geyhatu, the Vizier attacked a Osman’s soldiers in the forest with his soldiers. Nikola learned that he would suffer defeat in the war and run away with his soldiers. Osman said he had to kill Geyhatu and tried to grab him by following the blood clues. Viziergrabbed Osman’s soldiers and said that they had violated their allegiance.

Bala went into labor before the predicted time. Selcan and Malhun were very afraid due to  this situation. After a while,  the Vizier reached the tribe and said that he would deten the women who helped Osman. Malhun tried to stop the Vizier but was unsuccessful. The vizier commanded the women to be taken to Sogut. After having a discussion with Nikola, Gunduz and Kosses were in search of Osman. While Aygul was chasing after Gunduz, she saw Mari and told her everything that happened at the tribe and asked for help.

Osman kept going to follow the traps allotted by the Mongolian soldiers. Mari saved the women with Byzantine soldiers and headed with them towards a nearby cave. Bala’s labor pains started again and Selcan said that the baby was about to be born. After a long difficult birth, Selcan managed to save the baby. Geyhatu went to a cave and treated his wound. Cerkutay was severely injured. The vizier refused Nikola’s deal to team up and considered himself  as the most powerful person in the region.

That night, Osman dreamt of Bala and his newborn son. While Osman was fighting Geyhatu, Gunduz arrived and told him everything the Vizier had done. Osman immediately took measures  to save his wife and killed the vizier’s soldiers. Osman named  his newborn son Aluddin Ali. Osman then came back to the tribe and started the celebrations.

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