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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 28 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Barbaroslar Episode 27 Review

In Barbaroslar Episode 28, While Oruj was struggling to protect Isabel’s life, a big war took place in the harbor. Sahbaz shot Gabriel in the arm to conceal that he was in his team. Sahbaz’s men started to proceed toward the base on the island. Kemal Reis and his soldiers arrived at the island. When Sahbaz spotted Kemal, he noticed that he could not win this battle and  ran away to the secret cave in the north.

Kemal seized Gabriel and started  to enquire Oruj questions about the condition on the island. Kemal got to know  that Ilyas had brought the captives to the island and instructed him to remain in the lockup until Sahbaz was seized. Sahbaz and Pierro succeeded in running away to Modon. Gabriel said he would kill Sahbaz to put his plan out of sight. Sahbaz said that Daniel might open his mouth. Gabriel ordered Sahbaz to murder Daniel and then set out to Don Diego.

After having a discussion with Ilyas, Khizir checked into the island of Santorini to grab Daniel. Sahin wanted Oruj to take his payback and died shortly after. Kemal said that Hamza’s loss of life brought a big problem and ordered Oruj to bring Daniel immediately. As Khizir was about to grab Daniel, Sahbaz’s soldiers invaded.

Daniel ran away into the woods but put up white flag to Khizir to protect life. While Khizir was open eyed to Daniel, one of the soldiers killed him. Khizir said he had to grab  Sahbaz before he arrived at Don Diego and went by sea towards Jijel. When Ilyas got to know about Daniel’s death, he was scared and ran away from the prison that night to capture Pasha’s helper.

Mesih said that Ilyas was responsible and would murder him. Oruj’s sailors made efforts to convince Ilyas to submit but were in vain. Khizir and Piri invaded Don Diego’s mercenaries to catch Sahbaz. As Oruj was almost near to find Ilyas, Pasha fired at him.

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