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Watch Destan Episode 20 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 19 Review

In Destan Episode 20, After saving her mother, Akkiz left to come back to their secret spot in the woods. Balamir woke up  and said that he wanted to have a word with Batuga. Kircicek told him that Batuga had gone to the river and left to get him. While Kircicek was searching for Batuga, she first saw the vacuum containers and then the remains of blood. Akkiz stopped Alpagu but lost to him.

Temur started to discuss the attack at the wedding. Alpagu said that he did not execute this attack and straight away left for  the castle to uncover the real culprits. Temur found out that Batuga was not present and straight away began searching for him. After getting aware of the truth about Vargi from Balamir, Akkiz started to look for Batuga. After some time, Temur spotted Tutkun’s dead body and started to wiping tears.. Akkiz returned to the castle after this event and told Khan that Batuga had missed.

Ece met up with Kuzu and instructed him to murder the hired murderers immediately. Alpagu asked Akkiz to have some food and then went with her to search for the men who invaded the wedding ceremony. Akkiz told that Ece did not like Batuga and that she might have done something bad, but Alpagu asked her for the proof. Kuzu murdered all the hired murderers hiding in the city. Alpagu came back to the castle with Akkiz. Kaya indicated to the dead men he had found near Dag and said that the Chinese had taken their lives.

Alpagu straight away called Mei, but she said it was a lie. Balamir arrived at the tribe along with Colpan and encouraged her to take revenge. Calayir said he got Ece’s ring on Vargi’s body and tried to spark off Yibek. Akkiz met up with Khan that night in the underground passage of the castle and shared with him the actual fact about Ece’s ring. Alpagu asked Ece why her ring was in Vargi. Akkiz found Batuga’s wooden sword but found no other remains of it. Batuga finally opened his eyes and became aware that Mei had captured him.

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