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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 9 Synopsis

In Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 9, Sultan Nuruddin becomes upset and depressed upon receiving news of Gregor’s attack on his city, leading to Saladin’s arrival to find a weapon belonging to Gregor’s soldiers. Saladin is angry about the violation of the agreement and takes a girl hiding with him to Sultan Nur ad-Din. Sultan Nuruddin agrees to punish Gregor for his actions and promises to do so in front of him in Jaghlan.

In the meantime, Grigor reaches Sultan Nur-ud-Din’s palace and threatens to release Ustad Azam or release his imprisoned soldiers. Saladin, however, refuses, threatening to take not only Aslan but also his life. They give them two days to decide.

Sultan Noor-ud-Din plans to go to Baghlan tomorrow to free captives while gathering an army to besiege Jaghlan. Gray Gore, aware of the Zangis’ imminent attack, plans to ambush his soldiers with drums full of ammunition. Saladin’s spy, Giri Gor, informs Saladin that two vehicles full of ammunition will be going towards Aslan, and Saladin ambushes them and kills the soldiers who brought the ammunition.

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Gregor watches the whole thing and believes Saladin is falling into his trap. Despite attempts by Slavic soldiers to stop Vahaskalan, Giri Gor allows Saladin to enter the city himself, as he believes Saladin has become in his trap. Saladin enters Zindan and stands in place of Zindan’s guards, disguised as crusaders. Tugrigur enters from the other gate and approaches Saladin, telling him Saladin has fallen into his trap. Saladin smiles and tells him he is in his trap, drawing the Roshdan in Zindan, causing a wall made of iron bars to fall to the ground, and imprisoning Gregor with his soldiers.

Saladin’s spy locks the door from outside, and Saladin walks out with his soldiers alive and dressed as crusaders to escape from the city. Saladin’s servant returns to Zindan and asks Gregor if any of his soldiers have gone out. Gregor is angry and flees with his soldiers on horses.

Sultan Nur-ud-Din learns that his brother Nasr-ud-Din has fled with his family, surprising him.

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