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Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı Episode 7 Synopsis

After the death of Sultan Murad, the Osman state was without a Sultan. That’s the reason the prime minister sent an envoy to Prince Mehmed and Orhan, who took refuge under Christian as traitors, to look after the throne. Then we see Prince Mehmad in Mansia, who is unaware of his father, and he is very angry with Gulshah and his father Ibrahim. He is very angry with Gulshah Hatun for making a plan against him with his father, and Gulshah admits her mistake. That’s why he is confused about Gulshah, even though his wife Bahar Hatun advises him to divorce her. Then he hears the news of his father’s death and becomes very sad. On the other side, the Byzantine Emperor establishes a constantonic and gathers all the officials of the state with his mother. His mother makes a plan against him. He kills all the officials in front of her mother due to their negligence in Sultanat and imprisons her mother in Zindan. And he sends Prince Orhan, as a strong ally, to get the throne. In the Sultani Mahal, where Kortchu Dougan and others live, many people are afraid that if Prince Mehmad takes the throne, he will take strict action against them first. They make a plan to stop Mehmad from getting the throne first, but Vazir Jandarli stops them and says Hamshehzad Ahmad, who is younger, will authorize him to take the throne to defend themselves. Both the princes try to reach first to take Thronce first, but Prince Mehmad makes a plan to stop Prince Orhan and fights each other. Prince Orhan escapes there and goes back to the Byzantine state. But the Byzantine emperor sends some of his soldiers to stop Prince Mehmad, so when the Prince stays with his soldiers at night, they kill some brothers and go near him after wearing their dresses. And when he tries to kill the prince, the prince awakes suddenly and kills him with his soldiers. Halima Hatun is very worried about his son Ahmed and goes to Jandarli to make his son Sultan. After that, she tries to run out, but Mara Hatun catches her and imprisons her in Zindan. Prince Mehmad arrives at the palace, and everyone is astonished to see him, but they welcome him as a Sultan, and after the burial of the Sultan, he is appointed as a Sultan. Her wife, Bahar, is appointed as the head lady. After that, he hears the matter of his mother and his brother, who is in fear, and he shows affection towards his younger brother. Then Mehmad orders the arrest of Vazir Jandarli and asks about traitors.

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