Kurulus Osman Season 6 Latest News, Osman Season 6 Release Date

Kurulus Osman Season 6, Osman Season 6 Release date

Hello readers, We will update you about Kurulus Osman season 6. For a long time, there have been rumors’ about whether the Kurulus Osman season 6 will come or whether the fifth season will be its last. But we are updating you with our reliable sources that there will be Osman season 6 before starting Orhan season. Mehmet Bozdag is very excited to make six seasons of Osman, and he wants to complete 200 episodes of Kurulus Osman. He is trying his best to prepare his actors for this. But some actors are not ready to work in season 6. So the news of the sixth season of Kurulus Osman is confirmed, and many audiences are asking who will play the main role in Kurulus Osman season 6. There are many speculations and doubts about whether Burak will play the central role or not. Different sources are claiming these statements. And their sources are based on Burak’s new or old statements.

Sometimes ago, when asked Burak about Kurulus Osman season 6, he said he would continue his role in Kurulus Osman for 20 seasons. Even last year, he said he would work at Kurulus Osman for two more years. So this thing is confirming that he will not leave the fifth season, and it’s very difficult for him to say goodbye because he has gained fame through Kurulus Osman. And people want to watch him play a central role in Kurulus Osman season 6, just as people want to see Engin Altan Duzytan in Ertugrul. When Engin Altan didn’t appear in Kurulus Osman, the audience disappeared, but the main reason behind this was that the two main roles were not possible in the same season, and people didn’t like Burak as they were extremely impressed by Engin Altan.

Readers hear a statement about Burak’s entry in the season doubts because he said their fans want him in a romantic series, and since he hasn’t worked in a romantic series for a long time, his fans will see him in a romantic series very soon. It’s not confirmed whether Burak will work or not, but there will be a scene of Orhan’s youth, and you will see Osman Bey in this series. Maybe Osman Bey spends his time in illness and dies at the end of the season. After that, we tell you that the role of Orhan will be played by actor Emre, who will play his role in the sixth season. The sixth season will show the achievements of Orhan ghazi’youth. Orhan Ghazi only wants to work in the Osman season, and maybe he will not appear in the Orhan series. 

This shows that in the Orhan series, there will be another character who will play the role of Orhan Ghazi. Viewers see that the role of Malhan Hatun also ended in the Osman series, and she has finalized her shooting. The current news says that Malhun Hatun will not appear in Kurulus Osman season 6, as she has taken a long break from the media. In the next season, you will see the death scene of Bala Hatun. Turgat Bey may be returning this season. Viewers, it’s enough for today. Please subscribe to our channel for more updates, and don’t forget to press the bell icon. We’ll meet soon in a new view with the new update.


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