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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 20 Synopsis

Episode 20 starts with the trapping of bloody thirst for Salahuddin in Jerusalem and captures him after wounding his neck. Some Christians need him alive so they take him to a pharmacy while his friends send him to imprison. Sultan Nur e Din arrives and rescues the soldiers of Salahuddin. Salahuddin manages to escape from there. On the other side, bloody thirst attacks Damcus with Queen Victoria and prisons the women and soldiers. The first wife of Sultan e Nur ul Din resists to capture of the throne but he hurts her and makes other all women his prisoners to use them against Sultan Nur Din. After capturing the throne, the bloodthirsty treats the people harshly and kills the muezzin of the mosque to stop the Muslims from offering prayers.

When they celebrate their happiness they receive the news of Salahuddin’s life. Sultan Salahuddin and Nur are very upset about not hearing the call of Azan they start preparing to attack Damascus. When they reach Demacus they face Burnard and he blackmails them after using their women. When Salahuddin tries to attack free the women with the Sultan, Turan Shah with Shehzade Muyudin attempt the same plan. So he was aware of the Crusader’s soldiers and Burnard’s plan before Salahudin’s attack. Salahuddin returns with empty hands and when he knows about the plan of Mayyudin, he gets very angry and warns him. Burnard sends the dead body of a soldier to Salahduuin and warns if he again makes a plan against him, then he will send his relative’s dead body next time. Sultan Nur orders to arrest Muyyduin but he resists. Burnard is looking at this scene and offers good friendship to Mayyudin but Mayyudin asks why he wants friendship even though he is the enemy. Burnard offers him the Sultnat of Demacus.

The next day Salahuddin and Sultan Nur enter Demacus with a great plan and blast the city, they try to escape with all the women. when the soldiers of Salahuddin try to enter Demacus, Prince Mayyudin stops them and says he will get Demacus. In the end, Salahuddin and Sultan Nur’s plan fails due to Prince Mayuddin and they are trapped by the crusader’s plan.

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