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In Kurulus Osman Episode 97, Ali laid on Ahmed’s lifeless body and said he would take his revenge. Soon after, Byzantine troops started hollowing out the grave to regain Ahmed’s lifeless body. Osman noticed that Ahmed had done dubious things and targeted the Byzantine mercenaries. Romanos created a strategy to murder Osman and shared his idea  to Cebe. Osman said that Aktemur would take over  the position of Gunduz and made him a Bey.

Barkin said Osman’s activities were wrong and instructed Selvi to collect  information on the tribe. Some concerned Beys met with Osman. Osman cooled them down and said that he would not hand over Turgut at any cost. Davut examined that the Byzantine troops in Yenisehir were preparing themself for cold war and sent a note to Osman immediately. Cebe came up with  the rioting Mongolian warriors he had captured, to the tribe and handed them over to Osman. After having a meeting with  Beys, Osman went to Inquire the captive Mongolian soldiers but saw that they were lifeless. More Content about daily life hacks available only on

Osman noticed that Cebe was trying to fool him and ordered his mercenaries to follow Cebe hiddenly. On Osman’s request, Barkin came back to his tribe and met with  the Beys. Selvi informed Barkin that Turgut was setting out to Inegol. Barkin hiddenly spoke to Mustafa and informed him about Turgut’s departure for Inegol. When Aisha was about to leave for Sogut, she fell sick and the doctor informed she was pregnant.

Malhun left the tribe to go to Sogut with Selvi, but rebellious Mongolian warriors invaded them. When Malhun was struggling to guard the injured Selvi, Cerkutay rolled in and assisted them. Mustafa invaded the convoy to murderl Turgut, but Osman came in his way. Osman instructed Turgut and Mustafa to go to the palace. Selvi began talking to Bala and told her that Barkin knew Turgut was leaving for the castle. Barkin arrived at the tribe and found out that his wife had died. Barkin secretly sent Ali a message and informed him that Osman had murdered Mustafa.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 97 English Subtitles

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