Watch Destan Episode 27 Finale with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Destan Episode 28 (Season 2 Episode 1) with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Destan Episode 27 Finale with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 26 Review

In Destan Episode 27, After Obar found out that the crown was smashed, he decided to go to the castle to take revenge. Akkiz spoke with Batuga after taking the wax and said she would aid Khan. Obar came in front of the Turks and started to target  them. Akkiz took the troops who were hidden behind the bushes and continued to move forward the castle. Using the tree wax that Akkiz delivered, Kam rescued Khan and his sons. Alpagu showed appreciation to his son and Akkiz. Kam announced to everyone that Batuga married Akkiz in the woods.

Alpagu wished good luck to his son and guaranteed to Colpan. When Obar came back to the western khanate, Sayina started to accuse him. Obar said he had gathered all Itbaraks to get back at the Turks. Batuga brought Akkiz to the secret subway in the castle and displayed her the new painting he had made. Akkiz said that she would favor Batuga till her last day of life. Kam alerted Vera once again.

Mei was very worried after what Temur said and said she would even score with him. Alpagu said he would explode Itbaraks using flammable gas. Akkiz said she wanted to shift these bombs to some other location. Mei hiddenly spoke to the Chinese representative and informed him about Alpagu’s plan. The envoy straight away left to meet with Obar. Obar was not convinced by the representative at first, but to get back at the Turks, he sent his troops to the castle he had mentioned.

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Obar’s troops soon grabbed the tanks of explosives. Akkiz said those drums are not real and they would create a better attack because of Sayina. Batuga said that there was a betrayer in the castle, and Temur accused Mei for that reason. Mei refused everything. When Obar was placing the bombs as per the Sayina’s instructions, the Turks arrived, and a great war began. Alpagu praised his troops for murdering the Itbaraks. A guard arrived and said that many Itbarats were heading towards here.

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