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Watch Destan Episode 26 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 25 Review

In Destan Episode 26, Alpagu opened his eyes and noticed that something was not right. Alpagu glared at the troops in the galleries of the castle and went to monitor his sons. Alpagu woke Temur up and left  to  track Kaya. When Gunseli was considering Kaya was no more, Alpagu woke him up. Alpagu noticed that Obar’s agents had invaded the castle to steal the coronet, and found out that Saltuk had been murdered.

On the next day, Alpagu announced Temur as the new leader of the army. Batuga and Akkiz came back to the castle. Kam noticed the injury on Alpagu’s neck and found out that he had been given poison. Obar  assumed that Alpagu would take the coronet to get the cure  and waited for Sayina to reach. Akkiz spoke to the captured women she saved and found out about the arrival time of Sayina . Akkiz later grabbed Sayina and sent a secret agent to Obar instead.

Alpagu said he made a plan and would never handover the coronet to Obar. Colpan laid Saltuk somewhere in the woods and said that she would soon take revenge from him. Kam said she had to take benefit from the secret tree of the Itbaraks to prepare the cure.. Akkiz got the idea to search for this tree. The Russian envoy said that the Princess was going to marry Obar and that the coronet was hidden in a secret location in the woods.

Obar took all his mercenaries in the western khanate and left to find the crown. While Obar was searching for the coronet,  Batuga targeted warriors who came to assist  him. Obar found out that old Kam smashed the coronet and said he would invade the castle to tit for tat on Alpagu. Akkiz found out the place of the Itbaraks’ secret tree and aimed the keepers protecting it. Akkiz grabbed the required amount of resin from the tree and straight away left for the castle with Batuga. Obar glared at  the Turks going to the castle and said he would take their lives.

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