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Kurulus Osman Episode 96 English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 96, Osman offered Bala horse race and then stopped somewhere to rest. Some Mongolian warriors crossed swords with Osman but got defeated. Osman instructed Cerkutay to search for the Mongolian soldiers in the region. Romanos hiddenly reached a guest house to meet with Barkin. Barkin instructed Romanos to cool down and instructed him to halt Osman.

Romanos told him that the Emperor had created a huge fleet and would use the Mongolian soldiers to stop Osman. Osman then reached Inegol castle and ordered the establishment of a Church. Bala felt dizzy while making food for the guests arriving at the tribe. Osman shared his plans with his friends to capture Yenisehir and left for the tribe. For Ali Bey’s safety, Turgut met with him at a guesthouse and started to shared with him how they occupied Inegol.

Mustafa and Ahmed began to talk against Osman. When Osman reached the tribe, he found out that Bala had fainted and said that she must take rest. Ahmed hiddenly spoke with Barkin and told him regarding Mustafa. Ahmed came back to the guesthouse and constantly irritated Turgut. Ali cooled everyone down. Bala woke up after some time and told Osman that she was expecting a child.

On the same night Kosses arrived at the tribe to meet with Osman. Osman instructed Kosses to collect information about Bursa. After talking to Sheikh, Kosses decided to convert into  Muslim. Romanos provided Cebe gold and orderedd him to murder the Turks. Cebe agreed to this deal and left for the tribe the next morning.

Osman thought that Sultan had sent Cebe and instructed Cerkutay to assist him. While Turgut was searching for the Mongols invading the fleet, Cebe’s warriors invaded him. Romanos murdered Ahmed with Turgut’s knife. Ali found out that his son was wounded and Ahmed was no more. Ali said that Turgut was real murdered  and instructed Osman to punished him.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 96 English Subtitles

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