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In Destan Episode 25, Kaya found out  that his father was not dead and began messing with Obar. Obar gave Kaya a new deal to take the crown. Mei rescued Akkiz from the keepers and said she would assist her. Obar went through Akkiz’s letter and planned to leave for the conference location to take the coronet back. Colpan noticed movement of Batuga’s hand. Kam did a ritual for the last time.

When Mei was just going to give the coronet to Obar, the Turks started to invade. As Obar was near to murder Akkiz, Batuga rolled in and stabbed him in the chest. Batuga said he was their only hope for Turks and attacked the Itbaraks. Obar fled to the western khanate, wounded. Alpagu saw Batuga recover and folded him in his arms. Alpagu then came back to his castle and emerged as Khan again. Kam said that God provided the Turks one last chance.

After Alpagu shared a tale to his sons, he asked Batuga to cross swords for the Turks. Batuga said he would save his people against the Itbaraks at any cost. Alpagu then reached the lock up and asked Vera if she had murdered Yibek. Some of the Itbaraks forgone themselves to the god to recover Obar.

Obar soon got awake and decided to take the coronet from the castle. The next morning, Kam instructed Batuga to hide the coronet at an old woman hut in the woods. Gunseli told the truth to Kaya that she was not expecting a child. When Batuga was searching for the old woman’s house in the woods, he said that he loved Akkiz.

Alpagu saw the monument made by Kaya and became mad with him again. After Vera got released from the locker, she met with Kaya and said she would assist him to get back the power seat.  Obar’s secret agent entered the castle and gave poison to the keepers. A secret agent wounded Saltuk while Colpan was monitoring the warriors in the castle. The old woman united Batuga with Akkiz.

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