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In Kurulus Osman Episode 90, Selcan rapidly ran towards Osman’s tent and told him that someone  had tried to attack her. Osman straight away sent his soldiers. Selcan told more in detail that a stranger attacked her while she was praying in her tent, but Cornelia made his attempt fail by standing in front of her. Bala and Malhun checked into Selcan’s tent to ask Cornelia some questions. There Bala found Cornelia’s necklace. Bala said that Cornelia took poison herself and that everything was a game.

Osman said he would uncover everything soon and left to analyse the murder ground with Barkin. Nikola offered Turgut a lot of gold in exchange for Inhisar, but he failed to convince him. Selcan created a plan and hiddenly gave Cornelia a poisoned drink. When Arius was all set to invade Osman at the killing ground, he suddenly noticed that something was wrong and called off the attack. Cornelia became sick continuously more and began to spitting up  blood. Selcan asked Cornelia to open her mouth and acknowledge everything.

Osman raided a fleet heading for Inegol, but Nikola tried to halt him. The masked man was also involved in this attack and murdered Saltuk. Osman chased the masked man and finally murdered him. Nikola considered his master no longer alive and got very mad. Osman brought the masked man’s lifeless body to the tribe and asked Cornelia to acknowledge everything.

Osman revealed that the real killer of Mari was her servant,Cornelia, and Gunduz is sinless. Gunduz and Ayesha soon came back to the tribe. While Osman was discussing the spots he was going to attack that night, he received a letter from the Sultan. The Sultan and the Emperor met in Sogut to sign the deal to restore peace in the region.

The Emperor instructed Nikola to hold his horses and started to pay attention to Osman’s conditions. The Emperor said that these conditions were too strict, but he still  accepted them. After Nikola left the guest house,he said that he would buy a lot of mercenaries to murder Osman. Osman began to pray that night and asked Allah to give him patience.

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