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Watch Destan Episode 19 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 18 Review

In Destan Episode 19, Alpagu murder Balamir, he checked in to the western khanate and reattain control quickly. Saltuk requested Batuga for favour so that Colpan would not pass away. Batuga said it might be unsafe to take Colpan to the tribe and asked Kun Ata to arrive. Colpan wished for Batuga to become Khan. Batuga then checked in to the tribe and arranged a burial for Colpan. Ece found out that Colpan was no more and wanted to remove Batuga, but Alpagu stayed her away from this.

Batuga took the seat of power of his aunt after the burial event and instructed to start the celebrations of the Nowruz. Ece hiddenly met up with Kuzu and demanded him to send secret agents to Dag. Akkiz thought that Alpagu’s warriors would invade and put down surprise attacks around the tribe. Kuzu’s secret agent murdered the musicians who were going to the wedding and checked in there in their getup.

Batuga tried hard to convince  Yaman to marry Sirma. Akkiz spotted  that everyone was snoozy during the wedding and noticed that something was wrong. The secret agents began killing everyone. Batuga escaped himself for his life, but the agent murdered Kun Ata. Mei chosen to follow Batuga’s plan so that  her truth would not reveal and called up Yibek. Yibek checked in to the quarantine tent and wanted to see her daughter. Temur had a conversation with Yibek and found out  where Alaca was.

Akkiz took Kun Ata’s dead body into the woods and spread branches over his lifeless body. Batuga said that they will move to another place soon and everything will be fine. Akkiz went with Temur to rescue her mother and invaded Alpagu’s soldiers. Batuga went with Tutkun to collect water from the river for Colpan, but Kuzu’s secret agent attacked them. The spy first slit Tutkun’s neck and then knifed Batuga. Akkiz rescued her mother from the warriors and then hugged her. Alpagu saw this but he didn’t do anything.

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