Watch Barbaroslar Episode 27 with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost

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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 27 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Barbaroslar Episode 26 Review

In Barbaroslar Episode 27, After Oruj occupied Levitha, he came back to Kelemez and instructed to seize Sahbaz. Sahbaz noticed that he needed to escape as soon as possible and ran away to the woods. Sahsenem checked into her brother’s ship, but Meryem chased her. Sahin asked Sahbaz to quit. Sahbaz said he would never bow down himself and acknowledged murder of his father.

Sahbaz’s warriors started to invade and Antuan was severely injured. Oruj straight away took his friend to the city and requested the doctor to give him treatment.  Khizr started to chase Sahbaz’s ship. Sahsenem started to manipulate Meryem and gave wounds on her face. Oruj told Hamza what Sahbaz had done and instructed him to take charge of the island. Pasha did not support this, but Hamza gave full access to Oruj. Ilyas aimed to buy one of the ships in the harbour but was unsuccessful because he did not have sufficient money.

Khizir hit Sahbaz’s ship and continued to follow them. Sahsenem saw Khizir coming and said she would murder Meryem. Sahin demanded his sister to bow, but he could not convince her. Sahin murdered Sahsenem to protect Meryem’s life and this started a battle. A few pirates freed Sahbaz and took him to Modon.

Sahin was very worried because he murdered his sister. Khizir arrived back at Kelemez and told Oruj what Sahbaz had done. Antuan healed after his dream and checked in to discuss with Dervish. Dervish said Antuan’s search was over now. Antuan embraced Islam that night and chose her  his name as Murat.

Ilyas checked into an island with the ship he purchased with the assistance of Pasha and contracted for the captives there. Ilyas took these prisoners to Kelemez. Gabriel went to Kelemez and instructed Oruj not to invade Modon. Gabriel said he would hand over Sahbaz. When the captives started to invade,  Sahabaz shot Isabel.

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