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Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı Episode 10 Synopsis:

Mehmed: Fetihler Sultani Episode 10 opens with Sultan Mehmed leading a war expedition. During this campaign, Kortcho, the leader of the Yeni chiri soldiers, and his troops demand gold from Sultan Mehmed to create trouble for Sultan Mahmud. They claim it as their right. Meanwhile, a young prince, unaware to Mehmed, suggests Ahmed for the throne in Mehmed’s absence. The Sultan is angered by this suggestion but, to quell the chaos, he reluctantly distributes gold to them. However, their demands go beyond mere gold; they seek the symbolic act of the Sultan passing under their swords, a tradition they won’t abandon until fulfilled.

Elsewhere in Edirne, Minister Jinal Li Khalil Pasha attempts to place Prince Ahmed on the throne in Mahmud’s absence. Karaoglu Ali Sahib protects the throne, but when matters escalate, he sacrifices Shahzad Ahmed to maintain the Sultan’s authority. Khalil Pasha eliminates rebellious Janissary soldiers, aligning with Mustafa Agha through threats. He arranges the bodies of rebels to implicate them to Mehmed, claiming it was done to protect the throne.

Upon his return, Sultan Mehmed confronts the aftermath, learning of the rebellion and Ahmed’s sacrifice. Enraged, he blames Khalil Pasha and others for the tragedy. Mehmed refuses to kill Khalil Pasha but banishes him, unable to bear seeing him. Determined to avenge his brother, Mehmed plans to confront the Yenichari that evening.

Despite threats from Byzantine Sultan Constantinos, Mehmed asserts Osman State’s dominance under his rule. He takes decisive action against the Yenichari, revealing the manipulations orchestrated by Khalil Pasha. Ultimately, Mehmed appoints Mustafa Agha as the new leader, unaware of Khalil Pasha’s continued influence.

The episode ends with Mehmed reaffirming his sovereignty, rejecting external threats to Osman State’s unity under his leadership.

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