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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 24 Synopsis

Episode 24 starts with Salahuddin, when he has almost caught Barnard but Elisa reaches there and saves her brother. That is why Salahuddin falls into this trap. When they attack Salahuddin, the soldiers of Salahuddin reach there, and Bloody Burnard runs away. Then Salahuddin goe to Malik Dolat with Prince Mayuddin. Salahuddin tells the whole plan to Malik Dolat and tells about the first attack of Barnard. Salahuddin catches the one soldier of Burnard and admits to him that the real killer of Almatish is Burnard.

After that Malik Dolat thanked Salahuddin and Nur ul Din and changed his mind about war and all the the weapons given to Salahuddin. Sultan Nur u Din takes advice from Omar Afandi to punish his brother Mayuddin. Sultan Nur decides to burn his eyes but at the last moment, he forgives him and gives him one more chance. When Burnard knows about all, he decides to ally with a leader of the Fatimid Caliphate in Egypt but Kara Teghan reaches there to get Gold. Burnard understands the plan already and leaves the place. Malik Dolat goes to Ghaza to catch Burnard but Queen Victoria allies with him.

Queen Victoria asks him to stop Nur u Din from attacking Gaza. That is why Malik Dolat goes to Nur U Din and asks him to give his weapons back, Nur U Din gets angry at this demand. He understands that there is an evil plan behind this. After this Burnard meets Fatima with Queen Victoria and learns about their enemy.

On the other side, Nur u Din meets with Omar Afandi and Abdul Qadar Jillani to unite all the leaders of the Abbasid Caliphate. But they leave the place without any alliance, and Burnard becomes very happy to see that. But Sultan Nur u Dinn determines his plan and goes to conquer Ghaza the next day.

He attacks Ghaza with his weapons, and on the other side Salahuddin attacks on the city and enters from one door, but Burnard closes the door again and surrounds Salahuddin. But due to shortage of soldiers, Burnard loses the war and runs away to save his life. So Salahuddin and Nur u Din conquere the Ghaza and the epiosde ends here

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