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Mehmed Fetihler Sultanı Episode 6 Synopsis

Episode 6 starts with Prince Mehmad. In the strats we watch some unknown people attack Mehmat and his soldiers near to catch Prince Mehmat but suddenly Ishaaq Pasha reaches there with his soldiers and kills the all people. Prince Mehmat is astonished to see Ishaq Pasha and asks how he knows about this.

Ishaq Pasha says that these are the same soldiers who were expelled from the state and after that, they were louting so that I was chasing them and reach here. He is suspected by Mehmet. A man runs one of them saves his life and reaches to Sultan Murad. And tells the whole story about Ishaq Pasha. Kor Tacho kills that man in fear of his secret reveal. After he goes a soldier of his own has a secret eye on him and searches the room where he finds the dead body of Serahi clears him and attacks on prince. After that scene changes Sultan Ibrahim wants to take his revenge on Sultan Murad.

For this, he uses his daughter Gulshah who is also the second wife of Mehmad. He sends two letters to his daughter one for the consolidating of her mother and the other letter to informing about the soldiers who are waiting for it. Gulshah receives those letters and starts crying in front of Mara. Mara Hatun goes to the prince and tells him about the illness of her mother. Prince Gul permits her to meet her mother, but Gulshah agrees for the prince to take her with her. The Vazir of Sultan Murad has a dream about the death of the Sultan and also handovers some duties and obligations after his death. After awakening he is called by Sultan Murad, where Sultan Murad is unconscious and the doctor tries to recover him.Sultan Murad asks him if he has a short time and promises to bury him near his son Aluhiddin and second not make any tomb on my grave like kings.

Ishaq Pasha goes to Vazir Jandarli and says that his life is in danger and tells the whole story about Prince Mehmad and the evil plan of Kortuchu Godhan. He meets Kortchu Godhan and settles the matters between them. The scene changes and the prine has gone on travelling with her princes and the soldiers of Sultan Ibrahim seize the place where the prince has to stay. While travelling, the prince and Gulshah talk to each other and Gulshah is impressed very much and stops the prince from going that way and tells him the whole plan. When Prince Mehmad hears the plan, he makes his plan and leaves the fire arrow in their tent. In the end, Sultan Murad died and everyone was in grief.

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