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Kurulus Osman Episode 163 Synopsis

Episode 163 Summary

The episode begins with Sardar Osman, who deliberately falls into Constantinos’ trap to save Holofra’s life. Constantinos surrounds Osman and his horse, but Osman manages to escape alone, outsmarting Constantinos and his soldiers. This is done to keep Holofra from appearing suspicious so she can continue spying for Osman. Everything goes according to Osman’s plan, but Constantinos remains unaware.

After escaping the trap, Osman returns to his tribe. Meanwhile, Mehammad, who is in the Kai tribe due to his father Chief Yaqoob’s illness, overhears Bala Hatun say that Holofra is spying for Osman in Bursa. Muhammad devises a dangerous plan and writes a letter to Constantinos, the commander of Bursa, informing him that Holofra is spying for Osman. He writes the letter in the name of Elcham Hatun, making it appear that Elcham, out of jealousy, wrote it. When Constantinos receives the letter, he believes it was sent by Elcham and uses Holofra without arousing suspicion. He informs Osman that Constantinos is heading to Yalakova to trap him.

Osman’s spy brings him this news, and Osman quickly sets out with his soldiers to capture Constantinos on the way and eliminate him. Everything goes according to plan as Osman surrounds Constantinos in the forest. A fight ensues, and Constantinos escapes with a few soldiers. Osman pursues him alone to the edge of a hill, where he falls into another trap. Cross soldiers surround Osman and shoot arrows at him. Osman, injured, jumps into the river and swims to the shore, avoiding the soldiers, and collapses there. When he regains consciousness, he finds himself among monks who had treated his wounds. The monks tell Osman that they do not follow their emperor’s religion, and their beliefs are similar to those of Muslims. Osman sends them to his homeland with a ring as a key to their new home.

Meanwhile, Prince Orhan and his soldiers, along with Constantinos, search for Osman. The monks encounter Orhan and his soldiers in the forest and inform them about Osman’s condition. Constantinos devises another plan, spreading news that Princess Holofra’s life is in danger because he discovered she is spying for Osman. This news reaches the Kai tribe, and suspicion falls on Elcham Hatun. Bala Hatun confines Elcham Hatun to her tent until Osman’s return. Once Osman recovers, he sets out with his soldiers to Constantinos’ stronghold, concluding episode 163.

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