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Kurulus Osman Episode 158 Synopsis

In Kurulus Osman Episode 158, Sardar Yaqoob and Sardar Ibrahim Shahzad come to bury Prince Ahmed, but are taken as prisoners by Sardar Osman’s soldiers. They escape with Noor and Goran soldiers, and the Kohnur soldier is angry. Osman Sahib returns to his tribe and entrusts Qazi Rukn-ud-Din to decide the murder of Prince Ahmed.

Sardar Yaqoob and Ibrahim reach the Jarmian tribe, where they send Shahzad Muhammad to capture Alauddin and Goonga Khatun. The queen, the wife of Sardar Ibrahim, becomes angry and demands that the judge Eliminate Rukn-ud-Din and replace him with a businessman who will bring Alauddin to the gallows.

The audience goes to the Boran Sepoy Kai tribe at night, where they meet Osman Sahib, who is already in danger. They learn about Chief Yaqoob and Chief Ibrahim’s plan to bring them to the place of Prince Alauddin. They stop Princess Holofira on their way and take information about Alauddin from her.

Osman Sahib captures Sardar Ibrahim and takes him back to his tribe. Prince Muhammad finds his place in the absence of Prince Alauddin and takes his sister Gonca Khatun back to his tribe. The Gonca woman tells him that she is Alauddin’s wife and imprisons him. When Alauddin comes to know about the matter, he reaches the Germiyan tribe alone and demands his wife. Sardar Yaqoob catches him and tells him that the whole matter is without them.

Oljay kidnaps Qazi Rukn-ud-Din and takes them to the forest, where they are buried in the ground. The prince and khan trace the way and know that they will send an entrepreneurial to the place of Qazi Ruknuddin. The audience enters an Admi tribe in the Germiyan tribe, where Qazi Rukn-ud-Din arrives to decide the case for a few paise.

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