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Kurulus Osman Episode 98 Finale English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 97 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 98, Osman reached the woods with Cebe to inquire Romanos. Romanos rescued himself from his ropes and started to target the Turks. Osman’s companions halted the Mongols after a short while, but Romanos started to run away. Osman started to inquire Cebe and brought him to the tribe. Bala began to doubt Barkin after Selvi’s last statement. Osman said that he would arrange a conference with the tribal leaders that night and invited  Barkin.

Ali Bey’s envoy came to this meeting and demanded Osman to give him Turgut. Osman agreed to hand over  his friend to Ali Bey and instructed the envoy to rest in the tribe for a while. Aktemur reached to meet Ali that night and informed him that Mustafa did not die. Ali agreed to meet with Osman to take his son and Turgut. Romanos reached Yeni sehir and delivered a speech to the troops. After talking to Bala, Osman created a plan to prove Barkin’s crime.

Cerkutay started to hiddenly chase Barkin. That night, Osman granted permission to Barkin to execute Cebe. After talking to Barkin, Husamettin secretly left the tribe to speak to Romanos. Romanos found out about Osman’s place and said he would take his life at any cost this time. Cerkutay noticed that Husamettin was a betrayer and informed Osman about. Osman reached the woods the next day and started to wait for Ali Bey.

Turgut arrived at the woods with Mustafa. Osman cooled Ali Bey down and said he would tell him all the truth. Osman first told him what Cebe had done and said that Ahmed was working for Romanos. Boran captured  Husamettin and instructed him to open his mouth and acknowledge the truth. Husamettin confessed that Barkin was a betrayer and told about his sins.

Ali Bey felt that Osman was right and said that he would continue to back him. After murdering Barkin, Osman came back to the tribe and announced that he was now set to occupy Yenisehir. The Sultan’s ambassador reached to the tribe and released orders to Osman. Osman said that he would occupy Yenisehir and then establish his own state.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 98 English Subtitles

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