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In Kurulus Osman Episode 94, Nikola attacks the headquarters before Davut’s preparations. Nikola burns all the weapons. Osman catches Nikola and says he will use him to get Inegol. Aktemur goes to the castle and informs Arius about the Nikola. Barkin asks Selvi to move to the plateau with the tribe. Osman questions Nikola.

Arius kills the soldiers who try to get Holofira and puts his spices there. Barkin goes to the tribe and informs them that Romanos kidnaps the Turks. Osman relaxes his people and asks Turgut to take Nikola to another place. Turgut frees Nikola and says that he will die soon.

Arius starts to chase the workers at the mine of Osman and attacks them. Arius realizes that the workers are the soldiers of Osman and starts to flee. Osman catches the Arius. Osman sees that Arius is Ibrahim and executes him. Gunduz arranges the catapults that he has hidden for ten years. Gunduz goes to Inegol with catapults.

Nikola thinks that Arius blasts the mine and learns that Turks are coming. Nikola orders to prepare his soldiers. Osman sends the head of Arius to the castle and calls Nikola. Osman warns Nikola and says to hand over the Inegol. Nikola says he will never give it and kill the Turks.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 93 English Subtitles

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