Watch Destan Episode 22 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

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Watch Destan Episode 22 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 21 Review

In Destan Episode 22, Alpagu gathered his sons to the throne room and started to tell his contributions for his country. Alpagu said that his sons must be on the same page now because he will soon announce the cold war on China. Khan then gathered Akkiz and Saltuk. Alpagu said he pardoned them and asked them to work for the army. Eve got aware of this tactic and madly went to have a word with her sister Alaca.

Alpagu said that Batuga would be the leader of the soldiers and assigned everyone their tasks. Mei shared with  Temur the site of the person who attacked Dag. Temur arrived at the house where this man was with Akkiz, but he could not locate anyone there. Saltuk captured this killer and handed him over to Colpan. Akkiz came back to the castle and started to talk with Sirma. Sirma said she would never perform duties for Alpagu and departed from the castle. Saltuk found out that Alaca was Ece’s secret agent but he kept this information hidden to protect Colpan’s life.

Kaya found out that an anonymous had invaded the tax fleet that was heading towards the castle from the silk road and straight away informed this to his father. Alpagu inquired Akkiz about this. Akkiz said that her friends were completely sinless and had Khan’s permission to lay a trap for the looters with Saltuk.

As per the instructions of his father, Kaya went to purchase equipment for the army from the traders in the county but found out that someone had already purchased all the food. Alpagu asked Saltuk, Akkiz, and Batuda to tell all the info and gave them one day.

Temur knifed Kaya in a pathway and question him about who murdered Tutkun. Mei checked into the sovereign power room and told Ece that if she wanted to protect Kaya’s life, she had to report Khan everything regarding the Dag’s invasion. The snare Akkiz created with Saltuk was effective and revealed that it was Colpan who raided the caravan. Kircicek returned to the castle and informed Batuga that Alaca was Ece’s  secret agent.

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