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In Kurulus Osman Episode 87, A man in Sogut handed over apples to some people, which had some hidden messages inside.  People who looked over that message inside these apples gathered in a house. An old man  arrived at the meeting and spoke to those people. He said that they would blow Sogut to bits any day now. Cornelia was also among those people who joined that meeting. Old man gave her poison and asked her to kill Mari with this poison.

After Umur’s funeral, Osman came back to his marquee and started talking to the Sultan. Sultan said that Osman was responsible for all wrongs. Osman first told the Sultan about the Minister’s misdeeds and then called the witnesses. The Sultan listened to the Minister’s secret agent, Konur, Mingiyan, and the Lords. This changed the Sultan’s decision regarding Osman. Osman presented Geyhatu to the Sultan. The Sultan provided Osman the lands in the frontier area and told him that he would send his soldiers soon for his help.

Soon after Osman started to create a plan to invade Inegol Castle. Meanwhile, Cornelia poisoned the dish which Aisha had prepared and brought it to Mari. Mari suddenly fell sick the next day and started spitting out blood. Mari passed away soon after and because of that Turgut attacked Gunduz.

Osman met that old man in Sought and got to know that his name was Ibrahim. Osman made Ibrahim known to the Sheikh and asked him to stay in Sogut. When Osman came back to the tribe, he got to know what had happened and began to inquired this murder. Gunduz said he was not behind all of this. Osman said that this incident would not stop the conquest plan and ordered his wives to find the criminals in the tribe.

Ibrahim found out that there would be a conference soon in soghut, and he made a plan to explode the inn. Ibrahim’s agents began secretly settling bags of gunpowder in the inn. Sheikh started the ceremony in the inn and said that Akca is now a head. After Ibrahim and Barkin sectetly left the inn, there was a big blast.

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