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Watch Destan Episode 16 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 15 Review

In Destan Episode 16,When Temur was near to tell all the reality to his father, Kaya made his appearance and said that he was a betrayer. Khan considered what Kaya had said and ordered his seizure. Balamir’s soldiers invaded the Dag. Colpan and Akkiz struggled to curb this rush.  Batugana requested his uncle to restrict the soldiers. Akkiz slightly cut Balamir’s neck and said that now he too became infected with smallpox.

Balamir restricted the soldiers. Mei began to feel distressed about Temur’s life. Batuga sent another letter to the castle and scared Khan. Alpagu investigated everyone in the castle, but could not learn who was assisting Batuga. Akkiz said that captives from the castle brought this pandemic. Batuga questioned a sick girl and found out Yibek’s name from her. Batuga went mad and sent many messages to the castle. Everybody in the castle became more scared about Batuga’s messages.

Ece talked to Temur but could not persuade him. Colpan wanted to move on  for the conference, but Batuga restricted his aunt. Khan shortly paid attention  to the tribal leaders who came to the castle and eventually said that they were betrayers. Alpagu massacred the tribal leaders and left to talk to Temur. Alpagu ordered Temur to go to the Dag place and tell Batuga that he agreed on his deal.

The leader of the Sabars arrived at the castle and conveyed the claw’s message to Khan. Mancu then took Kiricek and departed  with her. Kaya went to the west khanate because of his father’s command and then he viewed Colpan had captured the land with Balamir. Gunseli didn’t move out to the west khanate with Kaya because she was the one who came up with Batuga’s messages. Temur went to Dag and told Batuga that Khan had agreed to the deal. Calayir assisted Kircicek  to run away and took her to the Mountain. Mancu chased  them and found Akkiz. Mancu said that Akkiz’s mother is still alive.

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