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In Kurulus Osman Episode 86, Osman arranged a one on one and said it was time to stop the troublemakers. After talking to Gungor, the vizier made a game and set his eyes on Konur. Konur sent a secret message to Osman by Akca dervish. But he was later captured by the vizier’s soldiers. Osman looked over  the message that Konur sent him and said that he would capture the Vizier soon. The next day, Osman attacked vizier but it was a trick. Alamshah went to the woods after Osman but fell into Osman’s pitfall. Osman said he had to open the vizier’s mouth and seized him.

Blacksmith Dawood and Akca stuffed the containers with explosives as per Osman’s plan. Osman then went to Geyhatu’s base in the centre of woods. Mongolian warriors captured Osman right away.. Geyhatu said that he would torture Osman for a long time and eliminate the other revolts.

Osman’s warriors started  to explode containers stuffed with gunpowder. Osman took advantage of this sudden crash  and seized Geyhatu. Barkin went to an old caravansary with Umur  and paid attention to listen to him. Umur told him about his visit to the holy lands and then about the new order set up  by Osman. Barkin said that it is better for people to be ruled by fear and attack Umur.

Osman brought Geyhatu and the Alamshah to the tribe. Nikola revealed all of Alemshah’s plans to Geyhatu regarding elimination of the Mongols. Osman inquired with Vizier to find his other crime  partner but could not find out anything. The next day, Barkin arrived at the tribe and brought Umer’s lifeless body with him and said that Mongolian soldiers had raided.

Malhun saw her father’s dead body and began to cry. Osman said it was time to crack down on them and brought both Geyhatu and Vizier to his tent. The Sultan arrived at the tribe and ordered Osman to leave  the people he had seized. Osman said it was time for the Sultan to see the truth and executed the Vizier.

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