Watch Barbaroslar Episode 24 with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost

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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 24 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Barbaroslar Episode 23 Review

In Barbaroslar Episode 24, Ottoman secret agents saved Khizir and the shipmen from Pablo. Khizir was very offended with Ilyas’s blunder and left to return to Kelemez. After grabbing Ilyas, Gabriel came back to his ship and began discussing to Oruj regarding the great clash that would happen in the Mediterranean soon. When the Venetian soldiers were grabbing Ilyas to the beach, Meryem raided and saved him.

lMeryem then went to the woods to rescue Sahin and clashed with Sahsenem. Pasha got offended with Ilyas for not  recapturing Oruj and called  some soldiers  to save  Levitha. Gabriel found out that Ilyas had gotten away and invaded Levitha. When Khizir came back to Kelemez, he got to the palace and began accusing Ilyas. Ilyas said his intention was to rescue his brothers from Gabriel and that he could not leave his post any more. Khizir beat Ilyas and left the palace.

Khizir after that became mad with Pasha and said that he made this blunder. While talking to Khizir, Pasha got to know that Turkish soldiers in Levitha had been murdered. Pasha said he would call for help to rescue Levitha from Gabriel’s prison. Khizir said Oruj would die if Pasha marched into the island. Oruj freed himself from the ropes and ran away from the dungeon with Antuan. Gabriel’s warriors soon grabbed them and killed Antuan. Khizir said he had to rescue Oruj before Pasha and created a plan of attack.

Sahsenem struggled to find out about this plan, but failed. Pasha got to know that the ships he had called for the assault were reaching Kelemez and left right away. Sahbaz tried to make  Gabriel aware of Khizir’s attack but Sahin grabbed him before he departed from his office. Khizir first raided a Venetian ship and then the island. Soon after, Pasha’s ships launched shooting at Levitha. Pierro took Oruj up a hill. Gabriel took his father’s sword to kill Oruj, but Khizir grabbed him.

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