Kurulus Osman Episode 81 English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

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Kurulus Osman Episode 81 English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

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In Kurulus Osman Episode 81, The Mongol soldiers assumed that Osman had killed the Sultan and they came after him to arrest him. Osman and his friend hid in a secret room in the palace. After some time a Seljuk soldier helped them in getting out from the palace and Osman met with Kosses in the forest. The Beys joined the meeting that was held by the Gunduz to elect the new Bey. None of them voted for Gunduz, so the Vizier started to speak that Gunduz will take over Hrmankaya very soon.

The Beys chose him as a new Bey so that they can earn more money. Bala and Malhun managed to take Selcan to the lodge in Sogut. Abdal told that the wound of Selcan is very serious. Gunduz came to know about Selcan and then went to the lodge of Dervish to meet Selcan. Osman killed all the soldiers of Mongols in the forest and took some rest in a cave. The vizier went to meet Geyhatu and came to know that Osman had escaped from the palace. Then the vizier met with Gunduz and said him to attack Harmankaya with a pack of soldiers.

The vizier visited Nikola and told him what has done Osman in the palace. The vizier lived in the palace that night and on the next day, he distracted Nicholas. Gunduz did not waste this opportunity of capturing Harmankaya. When Nikola came to know that Turks had attacked them, he got very angry at the vizier. At the same time, Geyhatu came to the castle and asked Nikola for his support and said to him that he would allow him soon to make his empire. Vizier assumed that Osman would visit Selcan.

Osman arranged a meeting with white-bearded men and told them about Geyhatu. After what Osman had come to know from Boran, he made a plan and went to Sogut secretly. Vizier thought that Osman is in the lodge of the dervish and went there with his soldiers. When Sheikh was telling that the vizier has done the wrong, Osman went to the Inn. When vizier was not successful in finding anyone there, he returned to Inn. Osman told that every path of escape for the vizier is closed and then killed him.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 81 English Subtitles

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