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Watch Destan Episode 10 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 9 Review

In Destan Episode 10, When the meeting is over, Aalpagu went out towards the palace with his soldiers. When Kircicek was saying to Akkiz that you should stick to your plan, someone attacked their group. When the soldiers were busy protecting Khan then Akkiz tried to protect Batuga. Batuga said that something is wrong and soon he saw Balamir running was running away. Akkiz and Saltuk went to the forest after one another to catch Balamir.

After a little later, Colpan arrived there and said them for the release of Balamir. Akkiz did not act upon the sayings of Colpan and handed over Balamir to Kaya. Alpagu came back to the palace and before taking the throne he performed his ritual. Saltuk told that Balamir will try for treason. Firstly, Alpagu listened to Kircicek and then to his brother. Alpagu decided that the sentence of Balamir is death and sent him to the dungeon of the Palace.

Alpagu came to know that Akkiz was the real suspect and ordered her to leave the palace as soon as possible. Akkiz left the palace after having a conversation with Batuga. Mei ordered Ece to search Temur and kill Tutkin as soon as possible. Alpagu got angry after the recent happenings. Alpagu dismissed the assistant of Balamir saying that he will send Kircicek to another tribe as a bride and said to the priest to withdraw set back the soldiers of China from the border area. Colpan met with the priest secretly and said him to kidnap the Balamir.

The priest accepted this offer to capture the Temur immediately. Saltuk warned Colpan harshly. By using the family of Tayangu, Mai persuaded him to kidnap Balamir. Alpagu went to the dungeon that night to meet his brother for the last time before he dies. At the other end, Tayangu gave the sleeping medicines to the soldiers in the palace and got entered there to kidnap Balamir. The priest kidnapped Balamir and killed Tayangu there. Akkiz opened the tomb of the grandfather of Batuga, but she got bit by the poisonous snake present in the box.

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