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Watch Barbaroslar Episode 19 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Barbaroslar Episode 18 Review

In Barbaroslar Episode 19, On the island, Oruj attacked Conrad to save the Turks. Gladius noticed that the Turks will win the battle so he started to run away towards the port. When Huma was thanking Sahsenem, the Firuze got very angry at Sahbaz for not completing the agreement. Pietro and Gladius came back to the Kalymnos island but got arrested by the soldiers. Admiral Salvator told that Pietro will be executed.

Pietro thanked his sister and said that he will stop the Oruj. When Emir got the orders from the Palace, he went to the mansion of Oruj and captured everyone there. Oruj reached Alexandria secretly and there he came to know what had happened to his family. Antuan kidnapped a soldier from Mamluk and asked him about the family of Oruj. Pietro started to brainwash Meryem. Khizir went to Kalymnos as an envoy.

Khizir gave an offer to Pietro to embrace Islam or surrender the island without any trouble. Pietro denied this offer from Khizir and ordered his soldiers to bring Meryem. Pietro asked them that if the Turks will not stop the preparations of the war within two days, he will kill the Meryem. Khizir left the island for a short time but came back there that night. Oruj attacked the house of Emir that night with his soldiers.

When Oruj was searching the rooms in the house, Emir escaped from there. Khizir came to know that the spies of the Ottoman Empire has been captured by the Pietro and he decided to enter the castle to save their lives. Ilyas rescued Huma on the very next day. Oruj came back to his mansion and decided to surrender.

Emir said that he would not accept the terms of Oruj and arrested him. when Emir was busy in a conversation with Isabel, Oruj freed himself from the ropes and killed him. when Piri was entering the dungeon to save the spies, Khizir went to the room of Meryem to save her. Khizir tried to talk to Meryem but he came to know that something is wrong. Meryem thought about Khizir that he was an enemy and stabbed him.

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Barbaroslar Episode 19 English Subtitles

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