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Kurulus Osman Episode 128 Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 128, But no crime should go unpunished. I’ll gladly accept any punishment once my tribe is doing better. The supply needed for the tents haven’t arrived yet. What should we do? Alcicek is late. She knew that we’re in a hurry as well. Aybars, send out an Alp. Are you okay? Get the healer here! What happened?  Who did this to you? Bengi Hatun! Bengi Hatun. . . Alcicek Hatun was kidnapped! By whom? The Mother. . . They mentioned the Mother Sultan. Ismihan. . . Alcicek! Alcicek!  Alcicek! Alcicek!

Calm down Bengi Hatun. Don’t think of bad things, we will find Alcicek. Alps!  Bring the spies! Make preparations, we will go to Yenisehir, come on! Call the healer! Come on. Sultan Alaeddin’s secret house. Alcicek. Where is she? I was about to capture her. . . You were about to capture her. . . This bloodied cape and her sword. I lost her track in the forest. It is impossible for her to survive. She is wounded. You couldn’t do one thing!  Fool! What are we going to do now, ma’am? Did anyone see Alcicek? No.

She was separated from her alps. We cleaned the tracks and removed the dead bodies. Then we will continue our plan. Since no one saw Alcicek then they won’t be able to find her corpse. They will think that I have Alcicek. We will send word to Bengi, if she does not come to where we want she will be sure that I will kill her daughter! What if she does not come, ma’am? Motherhood. . . Motherhood it can bury you alive.

When Bengi sees that her daughter’s scent is mixed with blood she will come to me. Yenisehir, Osman Bey’s mansion. What are they talking about? I don’t know. They are whispering. Gurbuz! Alp. . . So you are here, huh Cerkutay alp? Gurbuz Alp told me everything. What did he tell you? What did you tell her? Well, I told her everything. You must be really brave, Cerkutay! You are brave enough to ask for her hand in marriage.

What are you saying, mother? Shut up! We will talk later. Cerkutay so you are in love with my, Kara Ebe’s daughter, huh? I won’t let my daughter marry a crazy person! I said what I said but Gurbuz Alp is smart. That’s why he seems crazy. You’re a good swordsman. I asked around about you. There is no better son in law than you. But I have 3 conditions. I accept them all. Wait. Listen to me. If you married my girl. . . Yes. . . . where would you live? The mansion. No. 1. I want a house. Of course.

We’ll get a house Cerkutay. 2. You’ll pay mehr which will be Ulgen’s weight in gold. Of course. We’ll get it, right Cerkutay? 3. Look all around the borders. I want the biggest greatest gift. It will be this height. Of course. We’ll get it, right Cerkutay? Yes. Find those first. Then come and ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage. Off you go. Go on. Let’s go. -Go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Mother. Why didn’t you ask for more? Ask him to give us Yenisehir. Or better yet, ask to have the city where it all started.

Maybe, Inegol? Ulgen. How can he find all of that? Ulgen! Kara Ebe has just one daughter. It’s not easy to marry Kara Ebe’s daughter. He must do it. Mother. Aunt. Alcicek’s not here. Did you hear from her? No son. We sent a messenger but he hasn’t arrived. I’m worried too. Where are you Alcicek? She said she had good news. Malhun. What it is? It’s good news Ayse but it’s a secret for now. Attention!  Osman Bey! Peace be with you. Peace be upon you my Bey. Have a seat. In the name of Allah. Go ahead.

We shared our bread. And now it’s time to share our worries and fight. At these skirts, 40 foxes walk around and every one of their tail touch one and anothers. We try to solve the problems caused by this. I see it Osman Bey, I see it. And the biggest fox is Takfur Valens. He thinks that he can move every stone on these lands it seems since he went to visit Sultan Mesut the moment he was crowned. I know that. I know. He send his regards. Tekfur Valens eats with the wolf and cries with the shepherd.

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