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Watch Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19 Review

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19, What kind of deal did you make? e wanted me to be by his side in the harbo in a way that I’d be a threat to him. Like someone who is going to assassinate him. And what did you do? and stood by his side. Then Seyid Ali saw me and shot at me. Pargali spat blood, when Pargali spat blood,everybody thought that Seyid Ali shot Pargali. If you and,Seyid Ali didn’t shoot,how did Pargali spit blood? I don’t know Luzzatto. But whatever he did, it seems it worked out. Barbarosa. Luna. Welcome.

I said I’d visit you since you didn’t come. Tell me what you want. I was curious about you. You were curious? It’s clear that you weren’t curious about me. Marsella told me everything. About that. Marsella told you as much as she knew. Whatever she told is true. We both want the same thing. -To find the island. – That’s right. But there is a difference. You want to destroy the island fully. And I’m struggling to sustain it. I want to get together with my familyand I want to rule it all. But for my own sake.

You’re in the wrong place Luna, I don’t have the map. It seems you don’t have it too. If you had it, you would have set out long before. I don’t. But I know who has it. You know what’s going to happen if you tell me. I also know that I can’t do it without you. Luzzatto has the map. If he leaves the capital city, we’ll both lose what we want. It’s up to you. We will go to that island together, Barbarosa. What do we do now, Reis? I can’t do anything before I get the map.

We cannot find him again if he leaves the capital city. Mad Jaffer, go and inform all the harbors. From now on,not a single galley or even a small boat will eave the capital city without my knowledge. EyvAllah Reis. If we can’t save DoriaCharles will punish us for that. And I cannot leave without Doria. But without any help it seems impossible. There is a way. Barbaros will help us. Luzzatto. Do you believe this? You willgo to Barbaros and bargain. Ask for Doria. What bargain?

In exchange for what? I have the rascal that he’s been chasing. We will offer the map and we’ll take Doria. What about Luna? I’ll handle it. Let’s save Doria first. Come on. Who knows which hole that infidel has entered. Let him enter any hole he wants brother. This is the capital city. We will take him out with Allah’s permission. We will take him out for sure but we don’t have time. -Bulbul. – Yes? -Let’s disperse. – Let’s do that.

Do you know that place in which infidels took refuge? -Yes. – Go and check that place. -Take a good look around. – What are you going to do? I’ll check the harbors. -All right then, see you in there brother. – EyvAllah. -Yareli. – Tell me. Don’t forget that we need Chievres alive. Don’t worry brother. I won’t let that dastard die before I make him talk when I capture him. EyvAllah, come on. – Tell, Pasha. – My Sultan. We arrested Seyid Ali and put him in the dungeon. And we found Admiral Doria there.

We locked him in a room. Hayreddin? I couldn’t find Hayreddin Reis my Sultan, we’re looking for him. Where did you find Seyid Ali and Admiral Doria? In Hayreddin Reis’ place. I know thatyou like Hayreddin Reis. You may acknowledge what he did for the state. Howeverwhy do you lie to your Sultan, Pasha? -Forgive me my Sultan. – Tell me the truth behind it. I will not verdict unjustly. I will not disregard Hayreddin at once.

Were you really not able to find Hayreddin,or did you not want to find him? My Sultan. Since I do not believe that he would betray,I didn’t want to find him. I saw him, my Sultan. However, I didn’t want to take him and bring him here by force. My Sultan,in my opinion, Hayreddin Reis is unaware of this matter. What do you mean Pasha? Are his levents such soldiers that they would make planswithout his knowledge?

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