Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 121 (Season 4 Episode 23) English & Urdu Subtitles Free

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Kurulus Osman Episode 121 (Season 4 Episode 23) English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 120 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 121, Nayman’s army launched an attack on the Turkish forces in the forest, but their effort fell short. Nayman managed to infiltrate the city and deceived Orhan into coming to the headquarters. Afterwards, Osman headed to Sogut to inquire about Bayindir from Valide. She pledged to get rid of Bayindir soon, but Osman thwarted her plans. Bengi implored Alcicek to sway Aktemur’s opinion. Aisha and Malhun recognized Bengi’s efforts to manipulate Aktemur. Bayindir was all set to venture out to the Mongolian territories. Aladdin informed his mother that Orhan had conversed with a mystic.

Malhun and Bala set out to search for Orhan. Orhan went to the forest base where he engaged in a conversation with Nayman. After receiving orders from Nayman, the shaman concocted medicine he administered to Orhan. As Orhan dozed off, Bayindir arrived and informed Nayman of Osman’s survival. Nayman expressed his newfound trust in Bayindir’s loyalty and elucidated his plan, which Orhan overheard before sneaking away from the base unnoticed.

Upon Osman’s arrival at the mansion, he informed everyone that Orhan had left for a covert operation at the base. Osman expressed his desire to dine with his entire family. Later, during dinner, Orhan shared Nayman’s scheme with his father, making Osman realise Nayman’s intentional revelation and subsequent attack plans. Following a conversation with Konur, Turgut began secretly trailing Bayindir.

After getting married to Alcicek, Aktemur arrived at the tribe the following day. Bengi requested Aktemur to take over as the new Bey of the tribe, and although Aisha and Malhun had reservations, Aktemur agreed to accept the position. Turgut successfully caught Bayindir while trying to retrieve the seal from Talay. Meanwhile, Nayman’s army attacked Osman’s city. However, the Turks emerged victorious, razing the Mongols to the ground with ease. Osman eventually confronted Nayman to attempt to negotiate, but Nayman challenged Osman to a duel.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 121 English Subtitles

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