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Kurulus Osman Episode 120 (Season 4 Episode 22) English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 119 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 120, Following his successful capture of the castle, Osman began discussing Nayman with others. Sheikh attempted to comfort Bengi by saying that Oktem was now in the afterlife. Bengi inquired whether Osman might consider joining the Mongol army, to which Osman and Turgut then proceeded to interrogate prisoners being held in the dungeon. Nayman, on the other hand, travelled to Sogut to confront Ismihan, accusing her of aiding Osman. In response, Ismihan denied any collaboration with Osman and reassured Nayman that he would not align himself with the Mongol forces.

In the prison, Osman informed the inmates that Nayman had already converted to Islam. Subsequently, he attended a gathering in the woods after reading a confidential message. Bengi addressed the tribe and shared that a fresh leader would be selected in due time. When Bala and Malhun arrived to converse with Bengi, he recommended a prompt marriage between Alcicek and Aktemur, leaving Aisha bewildered. She agreed to have a conversation with Aktemur about it regardless. The elderly members sought Osman’s advice regarding Nayman and presented him with novel knowledge.

Osman announced his intent to join Nayman’s army to uncover his secret plan before seeking out his friends. He enlisted Turgut’s help in attacking and freeing captives from a Mongolian caravan, while Nayman entrusted Bayindir with the task of gathering intelligence on Ismihan for the Mongol army. Though initially hesitant, Bayindir ultimately agreed to the arrangement to save his life, while Turgut successfully raided the caravan and found a crucial map.

Upon entering Nayman’s tent, Osman expressed his willingness to work for him, bringing happiness to Nayman, who spoke of his aspirations to establish a great state. Bayindir, covertly, began trailing Aktemur. After Osman alerted Nayman about the caravans, he discovered Talay’s confidential seal. Bayindir also became aware of Osman’s treacherous intentions towards Nayman and reported it to the headquarters. Subsequently, Osman fled to the forest and embarked on a mission, accompanied by his troops, to acquire Talay’s seal.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 120 English Subtitles

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