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Watch Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 12 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 12 Review

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 12, Upon hearing that Seyyare was set to wed Kemankes, Barbaros took prompt measures to intervene. In an attempt to win Luna’s confidence, Sahsuvar divulged her past actions and revealed a plan to abscond with the military artillery through Kemankes.

Charles initially suspected Batista of being a spy, but his perception changed following a conversation with Lomelino. A gentleman communicated with Hayreddin and conveyed that Yahya would be of assistance to him. To gather information, Hayreddin put a stop to his sister’s nuptials and decided to question Kemankes. Murat asserted that Yahya and Cafer had been poisoned.

Kemankes aided Hayreddin in his escape and subsequently went to the hospital. A physician approached Cafer and requested him to testify truthfully in court. Later, Hayreddin conversed with Orsini, discovering that Kemankes had enabled Orsini to acquire government timbers. Subsequently, Orsini urged Murat to inform Doria of this development. Following Batista’s release, he spoke to Lomelino, who informed him that the Medici was the Pope’s offspring.

Doria informed the King that there was an attempt to steal the Ottoman artillery. Charles dispatched Doria and Christopher to Payitaht. Hayreddin clandestinely made his way into the palace and began conversing with Hunkar. The Sultan permitted Barbaros to manage the barracks covertly. Luzatto aided Luna in blowing up the port to safeguard her agenda.

Cafer’s statement was not deemed acceptable by the judge, leading to the arrest of Kemankes after testimonies from Sahsuvar and Orsini. Upon hearing of Kemankes’ arrest, Sultan tasked Ayaz with uncovering the truth behind the incident. Luna was once again approached by Sahsuvar, who disclosed the details of how to acquire the army’s cannons. During his visit to Kemankes, Ayaz learned the reason behind his timber sales.

Luna accompanied Luzatto in a plan to destroy the vessel recently acquired by Kemankes. Meanwhile, Barbaros intervened to rescue the ship after consulting with Kemankes. Luna’s alternative ship retrieved the military cannons from the harbour. Ayaz presumed that this ship belonged to Kemankes and decided to return home. However, Barbaros suspected Ayaz’s loyalty and proceeded to apprehend him at his residence.

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