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Kurulus Osman Episode 117 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 118, Nayman went ahead to murder the sons of tribe leaders but Osman came in front of him. Osman assured him that he would bring the gold to him in order to save the captives’ lives. Nayman postponed the punishment of the captives and granted Osman a delay of one day and returned to his headquarters. When Olof’s companions realized that they were weak and would lose the war with Turgut, they backed away and escaped  to the forest. Turgut followed them and captured Dan and started to wait for Osman.

Osman set out to meet Konur and said he had an idea to trap Olof with fake gold. Osman instructed Konur to take the fake gold to the public house and left to meet Turgut. Osman congratulated Turgut on his victory over Olof and both departed from the woods to reach the tribe. Alcicek hiddenly provided Frigg a knife on Bengi Hatun’s instruction and told her that she would help her in escaping. When soldiers were taking Frigg away from the tribe, she heard that the Osman’s soldiers had kept the gold in the caravansary.

When the shaman saw that Osman was coming to Nayman’s headquarters, he questioned him about where the gold was. Meanwhile, Nayman came out of his tent and started to listen to Osman. Osman asked him about Beys’ son. When assured that the boys were still alive then he told Nayman that Olof had taken the gold from him. Nayman handed over the captives to Osman in exchange of Turgut and said Turgut needed to stay at the headquarters incase Osman lied to him.

Osman took the sons of Beys and brought them to his mansion. The Beys took their sons from Osman and set out from the mansion. Osman summoned his companions and family members for a meeting and created a plan to both save Turgut and attack at the Mongols headquarters. Alcicek helped Frigg in escaping the soldiers and met Olof in the forest. She informed Olof that Osman’s gold was in the inn. They left for the carvanseray without wasting any time to grab the gold. Osman set out with his entire family and companions the next morning to execute the plan. Olof reached the inn with Frigg but when he was just about to open the chest of gold, Naymanbsmashed the door and said he was going to murder Olof and his partners.

Osman and his soldiers started to work according to their plan. First they attack the guards without letting them make any noise and then the Mongols in the headquarters. The battle started. Each and every person played his role very well. They killed thousands of Mongols. Meanwhile, Osman saved Turgut. When Nayman came closer to the chest of gold, he noticed that the gold was fake and ordered Olof to bring troops from the palace. When Nayman came back to his headquarters he saw the massacre there and instantly departed to meet Ismihan.

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