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Watch Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 11 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 11 Review

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 11, Luna departed from the urban centre and headed towards Venice. However, en route, her chariot was ambushed by a group of knights who abducted her. Upon receiving the news, Hayreddin promptly embarked on a journey with his companions towards a neighbouring town. As Aydin and Dervish searched for Luna, Hayreddin caught sight of an enigmatic individual. Upon Aydin’s assault on the knights, they apprehended all present and confined them to the prison cells.

In the meantime, Hayreddin trailed the aforementioned stranger and disappeared into the same location. The individuals present gathered to offer prayers alongside each other. Hayreddin joined in with the men’s chants before proceeding to converse with an enigmatic figure. Introducing himself as Yahya, the mysterious man revealed that he had been summoned to the location upon Sultan’s request.

Hayreddin inquired about the significance of the symbols adorning Yahya’s shirt. Yahya elaborated on the meaning of the symbols and handed over his shirt to enlighten Hayreddin. Accompanied by Yahya, Hayreddin visited a library where they discovered the treacherous Pasha in Payitaht attempting to sell the army’s cannons to non-believers. Informed by the knight’s leader, Luzatto, it was revealed that Luna’s father had recently passed away.

After gazing upon her motionless father, Luna declares that she will not carry on his responsibilities. Luzatto begins discussing the concealed island and Luna’s kin. Luna eventually consents to assume the role of a banker like her father and plans to rendezvous with the betrayer, Pasha, in Payitaht. Luzatto informed Barbarossa that Luna had been kidnapped and sailed away with him. Hayreddin took action against a pirate vessel and managed to free Luna.

A rescued soldier stated that the sunken ship was owned by the French. Upon discovering that Hayreddin had assaulted a French vessel, Sultan promptly summoned him to the palace. In a bid to offer additional assistance to Hayreddin, Seyyare accepted Kemankes’ proposal of marriage. During her visit to Payitaht, Luna became aware of Sahsuvar’s attempt to sell army cannons alongside Kemankes.

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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 11 English Subtitles

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