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Kurulus Osman Episode 117 (Season 4 Episode 19) English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 116 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 117, When Osman got to know what happened at the headquarters, he started to take some safety measures . After discussing it with the shaman, Nayman departed for the tribe. Osman instructed Konur to figure out routes that group travelers having gold would use. Also he cautioned everybody to be careful with Nayman. Bala came to lockup and tried to open Frigg’s mouth, but she refused to share any sensitive information. Nayman came to the tribe with some of his warriors and said he needed to meet Osman.

When Osman was struggling to conclude why Nayman reached here, Olof arrived and started to shout that he wanted Frigg back and gave him warning of blood shedding. Osman got out of control on his threat and stepped forward to attack Olof but Nayman came in front of him. Nayman asked Olof to go back to the palace and asked Osman to arrange dinner for him and his soldiers. Ismihan summoned all the Beys and asked them to gather  the gold for Nayman as early as possible and send the Beys to their rooms.

After having dinner, Nayman said that he had an antidote which can heal Orhan and instructed the shaman to make the antidote. Osman brought Orhan to the main room and ordered his soldier to bring Abdal to check the medicine. When Adbali declared it harmless, Osman asked Orhan to drink it. Osman then started to describe how Nayman would attack. During the meeting, Adbali came and informed them about the improvement in Orhan’s condition and Osman asked Nayman to make his stay the night in his tribe.

Turgut targeted the troops loaded with gold heading to Inegol. Osman invited Sheikh Edebali c and started to preach Islam to Nayman. Nayman asked Sheikh multiple questions and said he was very tired and went toto to his room. Nayman made a plan to murder Osman the next morning and asked him to come to the meeting in Sogut. After receiving Osman’s order, Konur targeted the caravans and grabbed chests full of gold.

An injured soldier came to the castle and told Olof about Turgut’s attack. Olof got mad at this news. When Olof was talking with Ulgen, Nayman arrived and told him that he would attack Turgut with his army. Ulgen secretly shared this news to Turgut. Olof went to attack Turgut with the Mongolian soldiers which he got from Nayman. Once Osman got confirmation of completion regarding Konur’s done, he went to attend the conference before the mentioned time.

When Ismihan was struggling to understand what had happened, Osman shocked them by saying that he had occupied Yenisehir. The Beys came to the conference and began to  argue with Osman. When Nayman got to know that the gold charts were not coming, he said that he would kill the sons of the Beys.


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Kurulus Osman Episode 117 English Subtitles

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