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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 10 Review

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 10, Hisam reached the conference location along with Doria. As Barbarossa spotted Doria’s warriors and started to fall upon them. Hisam lost his life in war. When Barbarossa was near to murder Doria, new soldiers rolled in. Seydi Ali and Yareli reached to assist Hayreddin. Once the battle was over, Hayreddin spoke to his companions and instructed them to come with Dervish. As the Spanish troops were just about to seize Dervish, the sailors saved him.

Charles met and spoke to Lomelino and did his best to get any information from him. The Pope started to pray with the Lord that Lomelino would not open his mouth. After asking questions from Cafer, Yahya started to look for the ship that Solomon would get on in the harbor. Seyyare successfully convinced the troops in the prison and ran away shortly. Solomon got an ambassadorial passport from the head of the Genoese traders and made the final move to run away. Hayreddin spotted that Luna was still in Granada and saved her from the warriors.

Charles got mad on Hisam’s death. The Pope arrived and informed them that he had created a new plan and said that Christopher would hiddenly delivered Musa to the castle after the punishment. When Batista came back to the castle, he met Lomelino where Lomelino told him who had targeted him. When Yahya was just about to meet Solomon, an anonymous man shot him lifeless with an arrow. Seyyare investigated Cafer and found out that Solomon was meeting a rich woman regularly.

Nazife believed that that woman must be Sahsuvar and discussed this matter with Kakawmouns. Hayreddin created a plan to sneak into the palace with his friends, but the game changed after Salih’s message. Hayreddin made a plan and said that they would capture Musa after the trial and that they would run away by using the ship in the harbor . At the Pope’s request, the court announced that Musa was sinless. After the wrap of court, Seydi  took Musa to the harbor without coming into anyone’s eye. Hayreddin murdered Christopher and departed with Musa.

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