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Kurulus Osman Episode 116 (Season 4 Episode 18) English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 115 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 116, Karesi Bey accused Aktemur that he  murdered Uslu and tried to grab him. Osman came in front of Karesi and said that someone set a trap and assured Aktemur was sinless. When Aktemur was taken to the prison, Ismihan reached. Ismihan said that Mongolian secret agents were spreaded every corner and told Avci was behind the Uslu’s murder. She asked to seize Avci. Avci instantly opened his mouth and admitted that he was behind the murder of Uslu and took the poison which was hidden in his hand.

Ismihan announced to set up a war council in the city soon and invited Osman to join the conference. Osman agreed to attend the conference to protect and  for the sake of the Turks’ future. The next day Bengi reached the kayi tribe and taunted that Aladdin might have made a blunder. Osman was doubtful on Avci’s suicide so he asked his soldiers to secretly followed the Ismihan’s soldiers. While chasing the Ismihan’s soldiers, Osman’s companions found out that Avci didn’t die, he tricked them. They immediately informed Osman about this drama where Osman Osman instructed Turgut to catch Avci.

Beys started to arrive at the meeting one by one. Yakup Bey became mad with Karesi for signing a deal with Osman, but Ismihan asked everyone to calm down. Ismihan started the conference by discussing Nayman’s attack plan and then started to share her attack plan. Although Osman was late, he reached the meeting and claimed that Ismihan’s attack planning is a disaster for Turks. Osman told there Nayman’s real attack target. This made Ismihan out of control and asked Osman to get out of the meeting.

When Osman came out from the meeting, one of the tribe soldiers informed him that Orhan was poisoned and right away left to see his son. Turgut seized Avci and opened his mouth where he confessed all the sins Ismihan had committed. Turgut asked Avci to confess each and everything in front of Osman and the other tribe leaders but one of the secret spies of Ismihan murdered Avci with arrows.

Cerkutay blew up the weapons in the castle. Initially Olof planned to attack nearby Turk villages near to the borders but gave up attacking and planned to target a caravan. Osman shared Nayman’s attack plan to his friends and wives and instructed Turgut to guard the western border. When Olof was celebrating after attacking the caravan, Turgut arrived. When Ismihan was checking the preparations of her army, a Mongolian reached the quarter. He introduced himself as Nayman and told everyone there that Ismihan was a failed commander. Nayman announced his new requirements from Turks and wanted to see Osman.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 116 English Subtitles

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