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Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 8 Review

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 8, Hayreddin dropped down from his horse because of the intensity of the blast and then struggled to assist Luna. Christopher along with his army started the search for Barbarossa. Luna appeared and started to invade. Within a short time,  Hayreddin rolled in the battle ground and started to target Christopher. When Hayreddin was near to the end of Christopher, Christopher’s soldiers came out from their hidden spots. Hayreddin decided to run away.

Batista took a piece of burnt paper from the fireplace and did her best to find out what was written by reading it. King said that the emperor was not in the palace and was unaware about where  he was heading to. Batista started to doubt that Charles would meet the knights. The Pope visited a church and said it was a perfect place for holding a conference. Murat met Orsini and let him know that he would not work for Doria anymore. But Orsini pressured Murat for another time and demanded him to not stop working with Nazife. Seyyare first talked to her daughter and then to her mother. Yahya and Valeria talked to a lot of carpenters.

Batista met with the Queen and struggled to get information regarding the King from her. The Queen said she was visiting a nearby church. Batista managed to get out of the castle hiddenly and started looking for a spot to hide in the church. Meanwhile the Queen reached the church and started to admit her sins. Batista started to behave like a priest and told the Queen what she had to do.

Luna began to speak to the prince with Hayreddin and said that he was the principal of the school. At the request of Barbarossa, the prince showed them Avicenna’s book. Luna said she needed to purchase this book but was not successful in convincing him. Barbaros took the book without Prince’s permission in order to protect Aydin’s life, but he was unsuccessful in running away from the Palace.

The Prince informed them that Barbarossa would be hanged the very next morning. When the Pope finished his prayer to God, he executed the conference and instructed the master to support Charles against the Turks. Charles Provided the island of Malta to the master. Just before the start of punishment, the prince suddenly got ill. Hayreddin admitted that he had hiddenly given poison to the Prince and set out to the woods to find the cure. When the troops got the cure, they attacked Barbarossa and shooted him with poisoned arrows.

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