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Kurulus Osman Episode 104 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 105, After rescuing his injured soldiers from the explosion of the cave, Osman began to search for the exit route of the mine to get out of that cave. Malhun and Bala mutually made a decision and decided to send Bala in search of Osman. She also announced that in the absence of Osman, Orhan will represent Osman in the meeting. Olof assumed that he had made that cave Osman’s grave and informed Kantakuzenos what had happened in the mine.

Kantakuzenos said since Turks have lost their leader they will soon easily take charge of Yenisher city and will grab other former Byzantine lands and make people their slaves. Orhan called all the tribe leaders to hold a council  in the mansion. Some Beys said that  Osman should not leave his chair to a small child to rule the Turks. Orhan asked everyone to silence who attended the conference and said that he was now in control.

Abdal removed the rocks at the entrance of the mine for exit and assisted the soldiers out. After some time, Bala found Osman. Osman asked Bala to send a secret note to Malhun. Bala said Olof has surrounded the city and will attack soon. Osman said instead of going back to the mansion they will attack the Marmaracik palace because it would be unprotected and they decided to take advantage of it.

Frigg started to describe how they would crush the city that night. Olof said he will send his men to the city. Osman went through the map that he got from his secret agents and explained to his companions that how they would sneak into the Palace. Malhun handed Bayindir Bey the trading license for his commerce dealing with Marmaracik. The next morning, Osman began to wait on the path heading towards the palace with his soldiers. Olof addressed his soldiers before getting under the way of massive attack. Kanzakuzenos said he would go to the mansion and draw Malhun into his trap. Osman sneaked into the palace using Bayindir’s carts.

Kantakuzenos started to ask Malhun questions related to Osman.On the other hand, Osman saved his friend Turhan and  conquered the palace. Olof got to know about Osman’s conquering of the castle and straight away left for the castle. Osman halted the Vikings who came to attack the castle with arrow shots. Osman and his  injured companions reached the tribe. Malhun instructed Aktemur to keep his eye on the city’s security. When Aktemur increased security, he went to Alcicek’s stall to meet her.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 105 English Subtitles

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