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Kurulus Osman Episode 103 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 104, Osman shared his plan with his sons and told them to support him in this regard. Bengi gathered tribe leaders and made a plan that she would hijack her husband from Yenisehir after the court of justice. Turgut arrived at the tribe and asked Bengi to not be furious and instructed her to believe in Osman Bey’s justice. Dursun met with Osman before the bench and told him that he was nervous.

Osman instructed Dursun to handle this case fairly and said that he would never impose his orders on the court. Aladdin reached the courtroom and started writing something in the paper. Bala and Malhun got confused over it and asked him about it where he told both of them that he is preparing notes regarding the case. Bengi reached the Yenisher with a few of his soldiers Oktem strictly instructed Bengi hatun to not to create anything bad  and departed for the courtroom. Olof also arrived in town and waited for Osman in the courtroom.

While Olof and Oktem were disputing over the murder case, Osman appeared and made his way into the courtroom. Osman asked everyone to keep silent. Shortly later, Dursun came and said that the trial was about to start. Bayindir saw the chest stuffed with gold leaving the city for Constantinople. He immediately asked Hassan to chase the troops to capture the gold.

Dursun started the trial and first asked Olof questions. Olof lied that Oktem first targeted the village and then stole the carriage full of gold. Oktem denied and said he was not behind this attack and was unaware of anything regarding Byzantine gold. Dursun then moved to Aktemur and asked him questions. Aktemur said Alcicek was sinless and she didn’t stab him intentionally but Dursun said the proof was heading towards something else.

Dursun announced that Alcicek would be exiled and Oktem would be given a death penalty. After hearing the court orders, Bengi immediately sent a signal to her tribe to start the riot. Viking secret agents attacked the Byzantine soldiers and grabbed the chest of gold. Bayindir attacked shortly after and stole the gold.

Osman got the news regarding the theft of gold and left with Olof. Soon Osman realized that it was a trap set by Olof. Osman told him that he was already aware of his trap and attacked him. Osman, Orhan and Bala’s soldiers surrounded them. Sarkis hid in the mine with Ofelia, but Viking secret agents saw them and injured Ofelia. Olof ran away from the war and into the mine. After Olof placed bombs in the mine, he picked up the Princess. Osman came inside the mine to rescue his friend and at that moment there was a big blast.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 104 English Subtitles

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