Karagul (Black Rose) with English Subtitles

Karagul (Black Rose) with English Subtitles

Karagul (Black Rose) with English Subtitles

The famous Turkish drama romantic series that aired in 30 different countries. Murat and Ebru are married and have three children. One day Murat disappeared mysteriously and immediately after everyone heard that he had fallen into a river. This is the beginning of events that will completely change Ebru’s life.

Ebru goes to Murat’s hometown and starts looking for his body. But it turns out that Murat has a lot of debts and secrets. On the contrary, Kendal, Murat’s brother, does not want Ebru at all. Life becomes more difficult for Ebru because she finds the first wife of his deceased husband, Murat.

Kendal doesn’t like his brother Murat because he wants to be the head of the family. Later, Ebru finds Murat’s son Baran. This surprises the audience because everyone knows Baran as dead during childbirth. Ebru wants to take her son Baran with her, but it will not be easy for her. Meanwhile, life becomes increasingly difficult for Ebru’s other children. The series contains a lot of unexpected events like this and creates constant curiosity. Click Here to Rate the Series


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