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Kurulus Osman Season 4 English Subtitles Full Season Free

Kurulus Osman Season 4 English Subtitles Full Season Free

Kurulus Osman Season 4 English Subtitles Full Season Free


In Kurulus Osman Season 4, Osman reached the garden of the palace to begin his first conference in Yenisehir. All the people, including Sheikh , gathered in the enclosure to attend Osman’s address. Sheikh laid his hands on and asked Allah to make this gathering to be beneficial. When the meeting ended, Osman slaughtered a lamb and went to a large hall to begin the conference. Bayindir bey and Oktem arrived at Yenisehir to attend this conference.

Bayindir started to observe the decisions that  Osman had made. Oktem made his friend aware and realized that he needed to earn more money. In a short time before the meeting, Osman went to his room and prayed to Allah. The tribe leaders reached Osman’s Castle. Osman started to address. He said that a new age has started and began asking questions to everyone in the conference.

Aktemur informed  that the migrants are shifting to Yenisehir at great speed. Osman became very happy at this news. Bayindir said that he was making swords for the new migrants. Oktem said that the people of the Karaagac area are facing difficult circumstances. Osman ordered Oktem to send troops to Marmaracik and restrict it. Kantakuzenos tried to convince the Emperor to attack Osman, but was not successful in persuading him.

The Byzantine Emperor said  that he wants peace in the region and for that he will make a new deal with Osman in this regard. Osman announced that he will hand over  new tasks to some tribe leaders who attended the meeting. Osman announced that Orhan will be the governor of  Karacahisar but did not assign any duty to Aladdin and  instructed him to continue his education. Aladdin got a little upset due to his father’s announcement but did not say a word. Osman assigned Aktemur the duty of chief of soldiers.

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Osman continued to share his plan and said that he will set up a huge market in Yenisehir. Bayindir desired to present Osman a box of gold as a gift. Osman gave instructions to distribute this gold among the poor people. While Osman was in the meetinon, he received a message. He was informed that someone will try to murder the Emperor and straight away brought the meeting to an end.

Bayindir got very curious about the secret message that Osman received. Oktem instructed Bayindir to stay calm and not be curious and not ask any more questions regarding it. Osman instructed some of his companions to get prepared in order to leave for Constantinople. When Malhun was informed about Orhan’s new duties she became delighted. Bala found out that Aladdin has not gotten any task and thought to discuss it with Osman over it.


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