Ezel with English Subtitles

Ezel with English Subtitles

Ezel with English Subtitles

Without any doubts, one of the best Turkish tv series. Omer (Kenan Imirzalioglu), the protagonist of our story, lives an ordinary life in Istanbul. Ali (Baris Falay) and Cengiz (Yigit Ozsener) are two closest friends of Omer. One day Omer sees Eysan (Cansu Dere) and falls in love with her. Serdar, Eysan’s father, convinces Ali and Cengiz to rob somewhere. Their target is a casino.

According to Serdar’s plan, Omer will be blamed. Cengiz and Ali do not object to this situation because they think that Omer will only be sentenced to prison for a few years. In 1997, Omer was tried and sentenced to prison for reasons of murder and casino robbery. Ali, Eysan, and Cengiz escape with the money they stole. Omer’s prison days are very difficult and he is tortured almost every day. Uncle Ramiz takes Omer and tries to protect him. In 2005, a riot broke out in prison, and Omer’s face was severely injured. Ramiz uses this situation and spreads the news that Omer is dead. Meanwhile, Cengiz and Eysan get married and have a child.

Omer changes his name to Ezel and gets out of prison after his sentence ends. Now is the time to take revenge for Ezel. Time to time, The series takes viewers to the past and introduces the characters. Why Eysan, Ali, and Cengiz have done this robbery comes out one by one. Ezel takes his revenge on his friends and Eysan, but the second season is full of surprises. The series reflects the unexpected events to the audience and ends with the appearance of Omer’s son. Click Here to Rate the Series


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