Cukur (The Pit) with English Subtitles

Cukur (The Pit) with English Subtitles

Cukur (The Pit) with English Subtitles

Cukur is a neighborhood in Istanbul and the Kocovali family controls this neighborhood. Although the crime rate is high in this neighborhood, the Kocovali family has an important rule. Never use, sell and produce drugs.

Meanwhile, a new group comes to the neighborhood and tries to sell drugs. Conflicts between this new group and the Kocovali family turn into fights. The Kocovali family tries to resist, but over time, their power is exhausted. But at an unexpected moment, Yamac (the youngest son of the Kocovali family) returns to Cukur. Yamac’s return changes everything, and the Kocovali family begins to grow strong again.

Yamac leaves Cukur years ago and meets a woman named Sena. They soon start to love each other, but Yamac’s return to Cukur leaves the relationship in a very difficult situation. Some episodes of the series draw bad reactions because they contain elements of extreme violence, but at the same time, they have gained the admiration of a large segment due to the quality scenario and good actors it has. Click Here to Rate the Series


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