Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm (Either Independence or Death) Episode 1 & 2 with English Subtitles Free

Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm (Either Independence or Death) Episode 1 & 2 with English Subtitles Free

Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm (Either Independence or Death) Episode 1 & 2 with English Subtitles Free

Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 1 & 2 Review

In Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 1, British soldiers start to surround Istanbul on 16 March 1920. Unaware that the seizure has started, Topkapili and Pasha are speaking related to the National Campaign. When Topkapili and Husamettin leave the mansion, the soldiers of British come and arrest Cevat Pasha. The soldiers also arrest previous Pashas and valuable persons by force. Many soldiers of the British go to the police station in search of other Pashas. Army soldiers try to describe situations to the soldiers of the British, but they start to murder them. Colonel Kemalettin goes to the police station and makes his effort in healing the wound of the soldiers. While journalist Ebuziya also goes to the police station.

In Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 1, Kemalettin orders him to capture the scene so that it can be shown on the whole world about the British massacre. Ihsan Bey, a manager of the telegram center gets a phone call from the army ministry and comes to know that the British have started to surround Istanbul. Ihsan Bey learns all the situations that the British will occupy Istanbul’s buildings. And conveys his message to Mustafa Kemal. Mustafa Kemal realized and understands that the British want to terror the revolt forces and fastly send the telegram army ministry of war, but the British had already gone the building of ministry. Then Mustafa Kemal set off to Ankara Cente. The officials of the British meet Fevzi Cakmak, who is the minister of war and says to him to unarm the soldiers of Turkey.

In Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 1, Ihsan Bey comes to know that the employees at Telgraf house are burned. Britishers enters into Telegram Centers to control and interrupt the communication. Mustafa Kemal thinks that Britishers are making their effort to separate the Representative committee, and makes a plan to retaliate them. No soldiers and officers of Anatolia will associate Istanbul without the permission of the committee. British High Commissioner sends a representative, who meets Salih Pasha and notify him related to the working of government with the British. Mustafa Kemal goes to his friends and says to them not to be distressed. In the capital of Istanbul, all the state associations have become unfit so that the situation for opening the parliament begun to emerge.

In Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 1, Halide, a famous Turkish novelist and her husband Adnan come to know that the British are finding them. Britishers, next target is to hit university and they compel the students to go out. The photos that Ebuziya has taken caused the reason for his arresting by Britishers. When the British force identifies the identities of people in the market, this causes chaos, and Husamettin saves Galip. Topkapili Mehmet gives some money to the soldiers to save his friend. Halide Edip goes to her friends so that she can warn them, but she astonishes on what she sees in the street. On the support of the British, some Non-Muslim have started to brutalize the Turks. Sir Robeck and Sir Milne speak about the arrests. Milne makes a plan, and according to this plan the assembly in Istanbul will be kept close and all deputies will be jailed. When Halide is going in the street, some soldiers say to her to stop and asks her identity, but Topkapili helps her to free from soldiers.

In Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 1, Mustafa Kemal guides another telegram to the servants and professional soldiers in Anatolia. Topkapili says he will help Halide and explains where she needs to go to the next day. Ferid Pasha becomes ready to erase the resistance groups in parliament and acts upon whatever Britishers want. The telegrams that Mustafa has sent distract Robeck. The members of society make a plan to prepare an article that describes the British seizure is necessary for the freedom of the Turks and appreciates the British. Milne speaks to Captain Bennet related to parliament marsh and says him to work purely. To activate all Muslims in the whole world, Mustafa Kemal gives information to Africa and Asia and explains to them the current situation. Rauf Bey meets deputies in the parliament. Some deputies give an idea to escape, but Rauf Bey says if the parliament is closed, it will be reopened in the Ankara.

In Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Episode 1, Galip moves to the location where his uncle asks him to go, and he meets those people who helped the opposition in Istanbul. Topkapili Mehmet tells that Ferid is preparing to handle as a minister and says to Galip to do work in the house of Ferid. After meeting Sultan, Rauf goes to the parliament and informs what Sultan said. But on the other side, Captain Bennet enters the parliament with the soldiers and tells that Rauf will be jailed. The guards of Parliament enter and informs that soldiers of British are arriving to arrest. When soldiers come to arrest, deputies resist to not go inside, but Bennet orders his soldiers to arrest them forcefully. Milne becomes very happy because he thinks he has conquered the roman eastern empire. But Robeck remembers him to keep a view on the arrests. Mustafa Kemal comes to know about the raiding of British soldiers and arresting deputies. When everyone is in fear, Mustafa Kemal gives them hope, because he knows the parliament will be opened in Ankara. Mustafa Kemal gives the order to his soldiers to arrest the allied forces of Anatolia, and also take their weapons. After that, he speaks to arrest Lieutenant Rollinson in the Erzurum.

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