Barbaroslar Season 1 English Subtitles Full Season Free

Barbaroslar Season 1 English Subtitles Full Season

Barbaroslar Season 1 English Subtitles Full Season


Baba Oruj stopped the slaves send by Cafer and saved his brother Ilyas. On the other side, Khizir and Zeynep jumped off the sea cliff to save their lives. Radko tried his best to capture them, but Khizir became successful in escaping with his small boat. Pietro said to Shehzade Murad to help him in capturing the fugitive Turks. Murad told him that the man has stolen his necklace. Oruj talked to the Cafer and warned him for the next time, Cafer realized his mistake and then soon he went to meet the son of Kilic.

Khizir went to meet Suliman and gave him the necklace of Murad and told him the whole happening that had happened in Kalymnos island. Then Khizir went to meet his brother Ishaq but when he reached there he came to know that something very bad had happened because there were dead bodies of his brother’s whole family. There was a note dropped by Poseidon, Khizir saw the note and set off his journey with Niko.

While Poseidon took the Ishaq to a close-by island and made a trapping plan there to catch all his brothers. When Oruj came to know about the pregnancy of Despina, he went to Isabel to ask for the job to do. When Oruj was in a meeting with Isabel, Golem came there and told Oruj that Poseidon has kidnapped Ishaq and took him away. Isabel gave a ship of Unita to help Baba Oruj on listening to the bad news about the kidnap of Ishaq.

Kilic said to his son that he should help Oruj in finding out Ishaq and he went to the port. When Pietro was searching for Eyub, he found his son and started to practice swordsmanship with him. Soon Eyub came there and told the book was in Suliman to save his son from pirates. When Hamza was escaping from Pietro, Eyub killed himself in front of Pietro so that he could not reveal more. Sylvio was not happy with Isabel for giving the Unita’s ship to Oruj. He told this to Pietro.

How to watch Barbaroslar Season 1 English Subtitles

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Barbaroslar Season 1 English Subtitles


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